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Spotlight Branding provides content marketing services to solo and small law firms. We focus on driving referrals and preferred case types, and we do it by creating relevant, informative, and evergreen content that keeps you top-of-mind and showcases your expertise.

Are you a volunteer organization, contractor, or not-for-profit seeking to make a real impact? A listing on dwai.com is your secret weapon for affordable yet powerful exposure. From aiding disaster victims to supporting communities, dwai.com connects you with those in need. Join the ranks of National Organizations, skilled tradespeople, and charitable organizations who amplify their outreach and goodwill through dwai.com. Get noticed, make a difference, and grow your influence today!
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Spot and Stop Dishonest Charity Fundraisers
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Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator applies an analysis to each of its charities to come up with its star ratings (with four stars as the highest rank). It examines federal Form 990s to see how much of a charity’s income goes toward programs and what percentage is spent on administration and fund-raising. Charity Navigator focuses on financial health, accountability and transparency. The website is very easy to use.

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GuideStar contains records from 1.8 million nonprofits registered with the Internal Revenue Service. There is a Free Service and a Premium Service. GuideStar tries to remain neutral when evaluating charities and does not provide ratings.